Lasagna bolognaise alla crema

00184 Gerecht Lasagne bolognaise alla crema

We like to fill the plates generously with this steaming Italian classic, so provide +/- 400 g per serving. Our 2.4 kg lasagnes are ideal for 6 servings. Place the lasagna in a heatproof dish and finish with some extra Butcher's bolognaise sauce or Italian pomodore sauce. Extra cheese makes for an extra crispy crust. You can also sprinkle some extra bread crumbs or panko over the lasagna. Our lasagnes were already pre-cooked in the oven. Simply heat up the lasagne in the microwave for 3 minutes and then put it under the grill or salamander for 3 minutes for that delicious crust. Oven delicious and easy!

At the basis of this creamy lasagna are fresh mascarpone and Butcher's Bolognaise sauce: our premium bolognaise sauce that arose from a beautiful collaboration with the Butcher's Craft by De Laet & Van Haver. For the mixed minced meat, Belgian White Blue was chosen: tender, juicy and above all very tasty.

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